The Easiest Way To Establish Your Niche

establish your niche

Every month I take on 5 clients for deep dive strategy calls; these are women that want to monetise and have an impact on Social Media – whether as Influencers or small business owners, but need support with brand clarity and direction.

Following our call I send each woman two things; a summary of our call, and the ‘Have You Heard Of’ exercise, which is what I’ll be sharing in today’s post.

You see Social Media can be a scary place for an Influencer or business owner with a small following *I’ve been there!*, there are likely hundreds of thousands of accounts sharing content similar to what you share, which can make you question whether or not you really have a chance at making your mark.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you certainly do… it all boils down to strategy.

One of the strategies that I can’t recommend enough for standing out (whether amongst competition or just in general), is to first get super clear on your niche and position yourself as an authority; as the ‘go to’ person for specific information, products and/or services, and have that reflect in the type of content/products/services that you share.

In the book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion‘ – Robert Cialdini couldn’t have said it better himself:

“People look to experts/celebrities’ for shortcuts to decision making.”

This pretty much emphasises the fact that if you are viewed as an authority, people are more likely to act on what you share, a.k.a more likely to comment, like, buy from you etc.

This brings me to the question of how to establish your niche and stand in your authority, and that’s where the ‘Have You Heard Of’ exercise comes in, an exercise all about figuring out how you want to be viewed by your audience, and what you would want them to say about you.


Have you ever shared a favourite Social Media account with a friend? If yes, I’m sure the conversation went something like this:

You: Have you heard of [insert brand name]?
Friend: No, who is that?
You: What! She shares [insert short description of what makes the person/brand special and worth following], you need to check her out!

Well that conversation is the ‘Have You Heard Of Exercise’!

I get my clients to think about the brand that they want others to perceive them as, and then encourage them to start positioning themselves as that brand if they aren’t already. This is a powerful exercise if you have yet to define your niche and exactly what you want to share, but also to help give you a greater sense of direction so that you create content/products/services that are always aligned with your brands mission.

So my question to you is, what do you want people to say about your brand? What do you want to known for?

I challenge you right now to fill in the blanks and start sharing content that lines up with who you say you want to be!

And here’s my ‘Have You Heard Of Statement’ in case you missed it:

Have you heard of @itsfinallyfiona, she’s a mum, wife, and business owner, showing women how to live a more fulfilling life, secure the bag, and still keep their house in order all at the same time. She’s #worklifebalance goals, you need to check her out! 

Now it’s your turn!

Fill this in and once you’re done head back over to thisthis Instagram post and share yours! Let’s also make this a business promo resource!

HAVE YOU HEARD OF [insert your name/brand],
SHE’S A [insert short description + what makes your brand special and worth following]”


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