Our Exciting News – I’m Pregnant!

Finally Fiona - Pregnant
Hey Family!

I can’t believe I’m finally sitting in front of my laptop and saying this but, I’m back!

It blows my mind to think that it’s been 9 months since I last updated the blog! I guess if you’re an avid social media user like myself, and have been following me there, it probably hasn’t felt like that long, but for my die-hard blog readers I definitely deserve to cover my face in shame.

Hopefully however, whilst you may agree that I’ve been naughty and MIA, you’ll also have caught on to the title of this post and our exciting news…

I’m Pregnant!!!

Am I forgiven now?!

Whilst my pregnancy doesn’t account for my entire absence – it definitely does hold some responsibility for 6 out of the 9 months I’ve been away. Let’s just say morning sickness all day nausea decided to take me on the ride of my life, and completely zapped me of every bit of energy that I had for the first trimester. And for the remainder of my time away, I’ve simply struggled to balance pregnancy, my 9-5, social media, and the blog, so decided to start by reviving one platform at a time.

As I mentioned in my Pregnancy Announcement video on YouTube, I do plan on sharing baby related content on my social platforms – but I’ll also continue to share on all of the other topics that I love and was sharing before e.g. achieving your goals, hair care, homemaking etc.

So whilst I get my life together and schedule my next couple of blog posts (gosh I love Trello!) – I’ll leave you with my comeback video and the full scoop on my first trimester experience.

Thank you for being so patient with me and sticking around for this new journey, I’m truly grateful.

Yours with love,


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