New Mummy Body | My First Postpartum Fashion Haul & Try – On

New Mummy Body | My First Postpartum Fashion Haul & Try – On

Since giving birth, I’ve lost count of the number of messages that I’ve received, or people who have commented on my so-called postpartum ‘snap back’.

I’ve grown to dislike this term, because for so many women, the body that they are left with after birth, is one that takes a tremendous amount of effort to embrace and fall in love with. Therefore, the term ‘snap back’ can too often feel like an unachieveable goal or benchmark.

To top that off, the body that many show when embracing this term (especially on social media), is one that is fully clothed, and does not show the rawness that often hides beneath; such as the discoloration, stretched skin, stretch marks, c-section scars etc.

In my case, the birth of our baby girl left me with all of the above (except the c-section scar – watch my birth video here), and whilst the woman who I see in the mirror has changed physically, she is a woman I am more proud of and believe deserves to be celebrated.

So rather than have daily meltdowns over the fact that my stomach is a million shades darker than my entire body, and wrinkled beyond my years, I’ve chosen to drench myself in confidence, and make the sexiest glass of lemonade out of some sour ass lemons!

‘Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it’

In celebration of my new mummy body and what it has taught me about loving and embracing change, I recently treated myself to my first postpartum clothing haul.

Here are the new additions to my wardrobe, let me know what you think!

Prefer video? Be sure to watch my YouTube video (below) where you’ll see my attempt at modelling these outfits!

ASOS Balloon Sleeve Mini Dress

Love Triangle Mini Dress

Vesper Red Pencil Dress

Floral Leopard fluted Tea Dress

Orange Bodycon Midi

Adidas Mini Dress

ASOS Knit Jumper Dress

High Neck Lace Midi Dress

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