Meal prep & food planning – How I do it & how it’s helped my marriage

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When people ask how myself and hubby survived our first year of marriage, I often feel bad about the response I give, because I feel like it’s not what they want to hear! Leading up to marriage many couples are warned about the challenges the first year may bring, and told to be patient with one another as they learn to navigate this new journey. Well, that wasn’t the case for us. In fact it was quite the opposite. Don’t get me wrong there were some challenges, we’re only human, but nothing compared to the stories we had heard. One of the main challenges for us, showed itself in the form of cooking, and I’m here to share how we were able to tackle it before it became an even bigger problem.

I entered marriage with the mindset that I was to be a superwoman wife, one who not only did her ‘9-5′, but upon returning home would throw it down with a delicious meal, and then somehow still have the energy to blog and film YouTube videos in the evening.

Who was I kidding?!

This worked for the first three to four months, friends and family were commending me on how plump Lu was looking due to the good food he was eating, and I felt really good about this! BUT, it didn’t last very long. I quickly grew tired and went to bed every evening absolutely drained.

Now, it wasn’t so much the act of cooking that was the problem, but rather two key things that I discuss in more detail in this video:

– Poor monthly food shop prep
– Not planning in advance

So, tired and frustrated, I eventually sat down with Lu, and we brainstormed a way to alleviate the problem. The answer… a monthly food planner.

In celebration of the fact that I’ve since rekindled my love for cooking, and we [yes hubby helps from time to time!] are diligent food planners and meal preppers, I’ve decided to share one of my meal prep sessions with you every month, and hopefully inspire you to give it and food planning a try.

Here’s my first ‘Meal Prep With Me’ video

Any fellow meal preppers or food planners? How do you do yours?
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  1. September 11, 2017 / 9:10 pm

    Girl, yes! Thanks for the tips. We want more! Lol. I will def be trying this. I’ve also already shared this link to my sister who’s a newly wed. 🙂

    IG: NayaRhythm

  2. liandra
    December 31, 2020 / 7:50 am

    thank you girl .. please share more when you can

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