Married & Dating!

Married & Dating!

*This post is sponsored by Deliveroo.

Most of you will know that in the month of January around this time last year, myself and hubby welcomed our firstborn and baby girl Morayo to the world.

The first few weeks were a dream, and we were just so mesmerised [and sleep deprived!] by our new bundle of joy, that we had no energy for disagreements, and were simply too full of joy to let anything overshadow that.

Well, I’m sure you know what’s coming next! Reality soon set in and the challenges of becoming new parents began to surface, after all we’d never done this before and it was all so new.

I won’t go into detail on the many disagreements we had on how things  ‘should’ be done, and how many WhatsApp conversations I had with fellow mamas on the endless list of crazy things their husbands and mine would do that would drive us crazy! E.g. start singing loudly when it just took over an hour to get the baby to sleep [*Inserts crazy eyes!*] Oh the memories! But on a serious note, this parenthood journey is the most challenging yet most fulfilling and heart warming journey I’ve ever embarked on, and despite what I’ve already shared I think we’ve done a great job of ensuring that as a couple we still make time for us, and work on investing in the love that made us parents in the first place!

One of the many things that has sustained us and grown our love is the act of being intentional through special days like our Friday date day/date night which we’ve been doing since we got married, and still do pretty much every single week. We go out, eat good food, talk, reflect, and above everything date each other! I can’t begin to explain the difference this has made to keeping the spark going.

And that’s not to say that we go out every week, because trustworthy babysitters aren’t always available, but that doesn’t stop us. Instead we’ll grab one of our favourite takeaways from our favourite food delivery service Deliveroo, a UK food delivery service that works with  a wide selection of favourite and local restaurants, and recently won the Mumsnet Rated badge [89% of 130 Mumsnet testers would recommend Deliveroo to friends or family].

So here we are, enjoying our usual date day/date night bonding session with the best food in the world [biased Nigerian!], some Nigerian Pounded yam, Egusi, Pepper soup, Gizzard and plantain – from the one and only Enish Restaurant.

Needless to say we were so full after this we cosied up on the sofa straight after!

If you haven’t already, check Deliveroo out here and treat yourself and a loved one. You deserve it.

Thanks again to Deliveroo for sponsoring this post – we are huge fans of their service and have used them for years.

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