Falling out of love with my Natural Hair – 6 month hair loss update

Falling out of love with my Natural Hair – 6 month hair loss update

The reason for this blog and the various social media platforms that I have, is my hair. For those who don’t know, my blogging journey began way back in 2010 when I had relaxed hair. I decided I wanted to take better care of my hair, and therefore started to document my healthy hair journey on my then blog loveyourtresses.com. With time and consistency the blog took off, and a large percentage of the following that I have now, is because of that.

Now whilst I’ve since rebranded, hair care remains one of the topics that I share, because quite frankly it’s my first love, and it brings me so much joy. That said, I’m sure you can imagine my disappoint and frustration, when I started to lose handfuls of hair on wash day at the start of 2017.

This information is old news for those who are subscribed to my YouTube channel, who would have caught the following videos:

It has now been a total of six months since I embarked on my Ayurvedic regimen, and whilst I’ve made a lot of progress, I still have a way to go. In my most recent video I’m sharing on my current hair situation and how I’ve been feeling about my hair of late. If you’ve experienced anything similar I’d love to hear from you, feel free to comment in the video, or in the comments section of this post.

Happy viewing x

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