Our Exciting News – I’m Pregnant!

Hey Family! I can’t believe I’m finally sitting in front of my laptop and saying this but, I’m back! It blows my mind to think that it’s been 9 months since I last updated the blog! I guess if you’re an avid social media user like myself, and have been… View Post

Weekly Catch-Up: The storm before the calm

Weekly Catch-Up Another week another catch-up! And before you laugh at me, don’t worry, the title [though idiomatically incorrect], was written that way on purpose! *wink* View Post

Weekly Catch-Up: New Things Are Coming

Weekly Catch-Up Why hello there new series! In celebration of the fact that I have now started weekly vlogging, I thought what better than to also do a weekly check-in on the blog, where I can share what I’ve been getting up to, and things that have helped me get… View Post


I turned 28 yesterday, and promised myself that I would swap my everyday pair of jeans, for a dress, and actually make an effort to celebrate myself. In a way I wanted to celebrate leaving 27 behind, because God knows that I could not wait to be done with it!… View Post

Meal prep & food planning – How I do it & how it’s helped my marriage

When people ask how myself and hubby survived our first year of marriage, I often feel bad about the response I give, because I feel like it’s not what they want to hear! Leading up to marriage many couples are warned about the challenges the first year may bring, and… View Post