AD – DNAfit Circle Premium Testing Kit

AD – DNAfit Circle Premium Testing Kit

I don’t know what it is about hitting 30, but as soon as I did I noticed that my body required more TLC. You could say it’s a mixture of things including running around after a 2 year old and running a business, but deep down I knew for a while that I just wasn’t taking my health as seriously as I could.

Well, a few weeks ago I did my very first DNA test using a brand called DNAfit to help me really get a better understanding of my body’s needs so that I could make the changes that I needed to. 

Feeling so tired everyday and needing regular mid day naps were definitely not normal, and I was hoping that this would help me get to the root of things.

Mouth swabbed, I placed my kit in the prepaid returns bag that was provided and within just a few weeks received an email to tell me that my report was ready. I’ve never been more excited to look at a report, I’d been waiting patiently and couldn’t wait to dive in.

So what did I learn? Well first of all let me say I was mind blown by how much information I had about my genetics and wellbeing, things I never knew and things I had thought I may have but had never gotten round to confirming, such as the fact that I was very likely lactose intolerant.

Whilst I won’t go into all of the intriguing data that was revealed, I’ll say this, having access to this information was the blessing I never knew I needed. 

As part of the Circle Premium kit, you also get access to a 1:1 call with a genetic counselor as well as a health coach, which was the icing on the cake of the whole experience. I was able to share my personal health and wellbeing goals and have someone with tonnes of experience guide me using the data from my report on some major changes I needed to make to start seeing the change that I wanted to see.

I’ve since made some major changes to my diet, such as ensuring I focus on low GI, high fibre, and unrefined carbs to help support my body’s sensitivity to fats and carbs. With a family history of diabetes this change was an important one for me, and since making these changes I’ve seen a huge difference and impact on my energy levels. 

Rather than dwell on how long I had been suffering in silence before taking this test, I’m just so grateful to have a new level of understanding of what my body needs and things to look out for in order to live a longer and healthier life.

If you’re interested in taking your very own Circle Premium test, I have a 40% discount code, thanks to the amazing team over at Mumsnet to get this for £299 [RRP £499] Click here to learn more

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