Hey I’m Fiona! Welcome to my special place here on the internet where I love to share… my life! I’m a UK born, Nigerian bred, corporate drop out turned full time influencer & digital entrepreneur, on a mission to create a life, home, and business that I love, and show women that they can too. From how I run a business, lessons on mastering the art of ‘influencing’, to the foods I throw down in our family kitchen, the wonders of motherhood, and how I style my natural hair. Nothing is off the table!

But there’s more to that short summary than meets the eye.

My Story

My online journey began way back in 2008 as a hair blogger and the face behind a blog called loveyourtresses. What began as an online diary of my transition from chemically relaxed hair to now natural hair, grew, evolved, and built a large part of the amazing community that I now have.

But then my journey of adulting began! I got married, left the comfort of living with my parents, and felt I had so much to share on my experience and responsibilities as a wfie and career woman. Though I was anxious about it at the time, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and share more, which birthed the home of my new blog and site… finallyfiona.com

Years down the line, married and now a mother, I took the leap and decided to go at this Influencer thing full time, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made (be sure to check out this post on my past attempts at full time entrepreneurship) – this was not my first rodeo but I pray it’ll be the last!

Now alongside working with brands, I coach Influencers on how to scale their influence, get paid by brands, and how to broaden their influencer revenue stream by monetising with digital products, all whilst being myself and sharing the things that I love.

I’m so glad that you stopped by and would love to see you over on my Instagram page where I really let my hair down and connect with my online family.

Any questions, shoot me a message, and if you happen to be a brand that would like to partner with me, I’d love to hear from you, send an email to fiona@finallyfiona.com

Speak soon and remain blessed!


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