7 Transformational Books Worth Reading Right Now

transformational books

With social distancing and working from home in full effect, I don’t know about you but I’m Social Media maxed out! From the endless Tik Tok videos (which I love by the way), never ending WhatsApp messages, to all of the news around COVID-19, I’ll definitely be taking some time out this weekend to switch off, recharge, and reboot.

One way I plan on doing this is by indulging in some reading time… I know right, reading? Who even remembers what that is!

No but seriously, I’ve blocked some time out in my diary to sink into our bed, baby free, with some homemade cookies, and a cup of tea, to re-read one of my all time favourite and most transformational books.

Now before I share what book that is, here’s a quick story time…

I haven’t always been a reader. In fact I used to second guess anyone that swore by reading and the impact it can have on your life and/or business. That was of course until I bit the bullet and committed to reading my first self help book from start to finish, and let me tell you, like a dog to a bone I was completely hooked, my mind was challenged, and ideas I never knew I was capable of coming up with were flowing from all directions. This book helped me score my first paid freelance gig as a Social Media Manager for a small hair care brand, and was the early stages of what has now turned into a full-time business for me.

So, if you’re looking for things to do this extra long easter weekend (or just any weekend in general), and you’re craving for something that has the power to transform your life, mind, and/or business (away from Social Media), then here are 7 of the most transformational books I’ve ever read.

P.s. Have a notebook and pen ready, these books do not play! *All available on kindle and/or audible too.


Atomic Habits
This book is fantastic, and definitely one of my all time favourites. If there’s a book that’s going to bring it all the way home on the importance of consistency and making big things happen by working on the smaller things first, this is that book. This book really pushed me into investing my time more wisely, and I can see the difference it’s made in my life, business, and decision making every single day.

Purpose Driven Life
This is such an impactful read and one I’d recommend everyone read at least once in their life, helping you to truly understand the meaning of purpose and answer the question that we’ve all asked ourselves at one stage or another…What exactly am I here for?


The Go-Giver

I love this book! As an ex-Salesperson and now full-time Entrepreneur, I cannot emphasise the importance of adding value to your customers above all. Yes you might want to ‘make the sale’, but before you can do that successfully and consistently you have to learn to give value, and this book talks about exactly how.

Expert Secrets

This is what I call the imposter syndrome crusher! This book is a must read if you’re in business and want a practical, no fluff, straight talking book, on how to monetise your expertise and become a successful marketer.

4 Hour Work Week

This book has inspired me in ways that I can’t fully explain. As someone who strives for financial freedom and work flexibility, this book is the constant reminder of how achievable this is with the right tools, knowledge and strategies. Thanks to a lot of the tips in this book I’ve been able to develop My business systems in such a way that I can work fewer hours and still earn more than I did when working a corporate job. Definitely one of my fave transformational books to date.


The 5 Love Languages

A book that almost everyone has most likely heard of, and one that I’d recommend in a heartbeat. Myself and hubby read this whilst we were engaged and let me tell you, knowing each others love language has been a game changer for us! We both like to be loved in very different ways and this book realy emphasises the power that comes from knowing how your significant other desires to be loved. I read this once a year, every year. Always a great read and reminder on the importance of being intentional in your relationship.

Love and Respect

Wow. This book had me check myself. This book has a way of making you view conflicting situations with your partner in a completely different light and truly humbles you. I learned so much about myself from this book, and would recommend couples read this together and see the deep conversations that are sparked as a result of it. Definitely a great book for tips on building a strong marriage that can stand the test of time.

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And, feel free to comment with the most transformational books you’ve ever read too!


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