5 Ways To Stay Positive During Difficult Times

Positive During Difficult Times

Can I keep it real?

I have no issue in airing my dirty laundry out, and saying that over the past 6 months I have been TIRED!

Physically, emotionally, mentally, I was not prepared for the rollercoaster of a ride that balancing motherhood & business would be. I never imagined in a million years that two things that I love to my absolute core, would stretch me so much, and have me question life on so many fronts… but they did, and I promised myself that if I ever made it through what felt like one of the stormiest seasons of my life, I would share exactly how, so here we are!

Now whilst my stormy season is unique to my journey of motherhood, God knows that the storms of life can hit us at absolutely any time and place, so if this is your stormy season, I’ve been there, it hurts, it’s heavy, but I’m standing with you and want you to know you WILL MAKE IT THROUGH.

Staying Positive During Difficult Times

Here are 5 ways I’ve learned to stay positive during difficult times

1. Social Media Unplug

Whilst I’ve been at the social media game long enough to know that it can be a highly anxiety fueled space, I, like many others, still get sucked in, which is why during the months of June and July I took a much needed break.

Taking time off social media and reducing screen time in general, is one of the healthiest boundaries you can set yourself when going through difficult times. Whilst there is so much positivity and inspiration to be gained from social media, it is equally as toxic, and fast becoming (if not already), one of the main drivers behind issues such as depression, low confidence, and feelings of unworthiness.

Take it from me, a break (or drastically reducing your screen time), is the self-care investment you need, it will help you recharge and come back stronger.

2. Reflection, Gratitude & Prayer

As much as I’d like to say that prayer is the first thing I do when I’m going through difficult times, this isn’t always the case. It’s often when we are at our weakest that prayer feels the most distant, so one thing I’ve tasked myself with (that works every time), is starting my day in a meditative state, where I reflect on my life i.e. where I am, where I’m coming from, where I could be (worst case scenario), and then I follow this with a time of expressing gratitude

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I give thanks for the roof over my head, a warm bed to sleep on, the gift of life, my family… the list goes on.

Finally, once I’ve done these two things; prayer follows naturally. I don’t have to say much, my heart does most of the talking, but I ask for the strength to fulfil my purpose, and for God’s peace and love to surround me. These three steps provide me with so much healing, I can’t recommend them enough.

3. Eat better, feel better

As cliché as the coined phrase ‘you are what you eat’ may sound – it couldn’t be any more true! Each and every time I find myself stressed out or feeling low, I immediately crave comfort foods and sweet treats. Whilst binging on chocolate or greasy comfort foods may feel good in the moment, it more often than not is followed by what I call a ‘mood crash’, i.e. feeling worse than you felt before (Anybody else know this feeling?!)

Having learned this the hard way, I now make a conscious effort to switch up my diet during difficult times, and instead reach for foods that do wonders for my mood, energy, and overall wellness e.g. fruits, green vegetables, superfoods, healthy fats, antioxidants etc. That’s not to say that the occasional ice cream treat or slice of cake isn’t deserved!

4. Exercise

Nothing improves your mood or boosts your energy like a good sweat session, or in my case a brisk walk! I’d be lying if I said I am big on exercise, but what I do know is that a brisk walk and fresh air can completely change the trajectory of your day. So whether it’s a short walk, going for a run, bike riding, dance class, you name it, please make time for it, your body and mind will praise you for it, and you’ll most likely feel brand spanking new!

5. Surround Yourself With Positive People

People have a huge impact on your life, and staying positive during difficult times can be hard to do on your own, or if you’re surrounding by negative people. When you surround yourself with positive people, you’ll be less stressed and find more joy in daily things. Take a look at your friendship circle, are you surrounded by people who bring you joy? Or are these people draining your reserve? If the answer to the latter is yes, then it’s time to make some changes. 

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  1. September 25, 2019 / 4:42 pm

    These are great tips, Fiona. All 5 have helped me at different points this year.
    Also, these photos are stunning x

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