I turned 28 yesterday, and promised myself that I would swap my everyday pair of jeans, for a dress, and actually make an effort to celebrate myself. In a way I wanted to celebrate leaving 27 behind, because God knows that I could not wait to be done with it! If there ever was a better way to define ‘adulting’, 27 was it!

I sat in front of my laptop for over half an hour this morning, thinking about what to share with you about the rollercoaster of a year 27 was, but nothing came to mind, except to tell you that I’m grateful. Grateful to be here despite the trials, and grateful to see another year. For those of you who follow me on Instagram [which you should *wink wink*], thank you so much for all of your birthday wishes. To say I felt unbelievably loved would be an understatement.

In closing, I thought I’d re-share the caption I shared alongside my birthday photo…

Ta lo dabi Re? Ta lo dabi Re? Ninu gbogbo alagbara laye, Talo dabi Re Oluwa?

One of my girls said something a few weeks back that spoke volumes to me, ‘How can we call Him our healer, if we’ve never been sick? How can we call Him our provider, if we’ve never gone hungry? How can we call Him our protector, if we’ve never felt unsafe?’

Needless to say 27 was a challenging year, but I’m grateful for each and every one of the trials. The woman standing before you now, has more substance than she has ever had, and feels more whole than she could have ever imagined

Here’s to another year of life!

[Dress: Lavish Alice – UK link, USA link]

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