The Ultimate Goal Planner Pack Is Here To Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet!

3.5 months later, and I’m so unbelievably excited to finally introduce you to, The Ultimate Goal Planner Pack!

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How to prevent the Monday blues! #HUSBANDINSPIRED

When I first started to live with my husband it came as quite a surprise to learn that he rarely, if ever, experiences the Monday Blues. To put this into context, we returned home yesterday from a couples weekend away trip, where we spent the weekend playing games and engaging in thought provoking conversations with several other couples. Although it wasn’t a physically demanding weekend, it definitely required a lot of energy, both mentally and emotionally. By the time we returned home, all I wanted to do was to extend the weekend by another day, and catch up on some much needed rest. When I asked my husband how he felt about the start of a new week and going to work on Monday, in true Laolu style he said, ‘I can’t wait, I’m looking forward to it!’

With the exception of returning from vacation, I’ve got to say my husbands enthusiasm for the Monday start has definitely brushed off on me. I’ve learned to look forward to Mondays, and believe it or not I actually love them! Mondays for me are a day of motivation, if I start my week on a strong and positive note, there’s no doubt the rest of my week will be just as amazing.

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Accomplish all of your goals with these 3 techniques

Today I’m going to dish the scoop on some of the things I achieved in 2016, and exactly how I achieved them. I spend a lot of my time reading personal development posts, books, and articles, and one thing that really frustrates me, is when a writer shares on ‘5 ways to make this year better than the last‘, or ‘3 ways to get rich fast‘,  but doesn’t personalise this or share how they have done this themselves!

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3 free printables to help you smash your 2017 goals!

December 30th. Today marks the last Friday of 2016, and as I type this I’m surrounded by several sheets of paper, full of notes in preparation for the New Year.

I don’t know about you but the last 2-3 days of the year are extremely important for me, they are a time for me to reflect, be grateful for the year I’ve had, and most important of all, get my ish together, so I’m ready to step into the New Year with a bang!

One of the many ways I prepare for the New Year, is to take time out, sit myself down, and have a serious think about what I want to see happen in my life over the next 360+ days. I allow myself to daydream about ‘my perfect life/things I want to achieve'[15 – 30 minutes], and then I snap back to reality and begin to think about what it is I need to DO in order to achieve them [30 minutes – 1 hour]. Once this has been done, I put pen to paper and start with the real work… Setting my goals! [1 – 3 hours].

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The ultimate boss chick with a life changing podcast: Myleik Teele, curlBOX CEO

A few weeks after quitting my job in Finance in 2015, I found myself stuck and confused about my next steps. My initial plan was to take a 2 month career break in order to really figure out what I wanted to do next, but this turned into a 6 month break which consisted of me coasting through life, hoping that my half-hearted business attempts would blossom into juicy cheques. I spent most of my time living vicariously through the lives of others on the likes of Instagram, dreaming up business ideas, but not lifting a finger towards making them happen.

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