The best version of me: A letter to my younger self [MAGNIFY MAGAZINE]

At the start of the year I received a message that took me by surprise. It was from a woman called Ruth, Founder & Editor of MAGNIFY Magazine. Prior to hearing from Ruth a dear friend had gifted me with the first issue of the magazine way back in 2014, and I absolutely loved it.

I had never come across a publication that addressed so perfectly, three extremely important themes in my life… Faith, Fashion and Feminism. So when Ruth reached out and asked me to feature on the MAGNIFY blog, I couldn’t have said yes any faster!

Unlike any other feature I’ve ever done, I was asked to write a letter to my younger, eighteen year old self. I was given a few core topics to discuss, and thought good and hard about what I would say. It was a therapeutic task to say the least, and I was honoured to be given the opportunity to share this with the world.

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Four ways we build intimacy in our relationship

I was eighteen when I started to date my husband, I remember the day like it was yesterday!

It was April 29th 2008, a few weeks after my mum had passed, and Laolu called me for our usual evening conversation. We caught up on how the day had gone, how I was coping with my return to college after my mum’s passing, and joked around and talked about life as we usually did. The conversation was no different to any other, until Laolu began to stutter! I couldn’t quite work out what he was trying to say, but a minute or two later he popped the question and asked me to be his girlfriend! The rest was history.

Eight years later and now married, we both look back at past years with smiles on our faces. Our journey, like many others, has had its ups and downs, but hey, nothing worth having comes easy!

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