New Mummy Body | My First Postpartum Fashion Haul & Try – On

New Mummy Body | My First Postpartum Fashion Haul & Try – On

Since giving birth, I’ve lost count of the number of messages that I’ve received, or people who have commented on my so-called postpartum ‘snap back’.

I’ve grown to dislike this term, because for so many women, the body that they are left with after birth, is one that takes a tremendous amount of effort to embrace and fall in love with. Therefore, the term ‘snap back’ can too often feel like an unachieveable goal or benchmark.

To top that off, the body that many show when embracing this term (especially on social media), is one that is fully clothed, and does not show the rawness that often hides beneath; such as the discoloration, stretched skin, stretch marks, c-section scars etc.

In my case, the birth of our baby girl left me with all of the above (except the c-section scar – watch my birth video here), and whilst the woman who I see in the mirror has changed physically, she is a woman I am more proud of and believe deserves to be celebrated.

So rather than have daily meltdowns over the fact that my stomach is a million shades darker than my entire body, and wrinkled beyond my years, I’ve chosen to drench myself in confidence, and make the sexiest glass of lemonade out of some sour ass lemons!

‘Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it’

In celebration of my new mummy body and what it has taught me about loving and embracing change, I recently treated myself to my first postpartum clothing haul.

Here are the new additions to my wardrobe, let me know what you think!

Prefer video? Be sure to watch my YouTube video (below) where you’ll see my attempt at modelling these outfits!

Postpartum Haul - Balloon Sleeve Dress - Finally Fiona

ASOS Balloon Sleeve Mini Dress

Postpartum Haul - White Lace Dress - Finally FionaLove Triangle Mini Dress

Postpartum Haul - Red Dress - Finally FionaVesper Red Pencil Dress

Postpartum Haul - Zebra Print Dress - Finally FionaFloral Leopard fluted Tea Dress

Postpartum Haul - River Island Dress - Finally FionaOrange Bodycon Midi

Postpartum Haul - Adidas Dress - Finally FionaAdidas Mini Dress

Postpartum Haul - Asos Jumper Dress - Finally FionaASOS Knit Jumper Dress

Postpartum Haul - Taupe Dress - Finally FionaHigh Neck Lace Midi Dress

Postpartum Lifesaver! Minimal Effort DIY for Guests – HOT DRINKS BAR!

Postpartum Lifesaver! Minimal Effort DIY for Guests – HOT DRINKS BAR!

So for those who don’t already know, I’m a proud Nigerian (*waves flag*), and will forever shout it from the rooftops! But as much as I love my culture and many of its traditions, one thing I was not looking forward to when pregnant, were the many visitors I knew we would have when the baby had arrived.

Now don’t get me wrong, I was very excited about everyone meeting baby girl, but three things in particular had me a little anxious:

1) Hosting guests whilst feeling extremely tired
2) Dealing with unsolicited advice
3) Feeding guests

and it’s point number three I’ll be addressing in this post.

Let me explain…

In Nigerian culture (as well as many others), serving food is a demonstration of care and wellbeing. Growing up my mum would ensure that even a guest who would only be visiting for 5 minutes, would at the very least have something to drink or snack on. So whilst I knew that most visitors would not expect food from a family with a newborn, I couldn’t quite get to grips with the idea of people visiting our home and essentially… fasting! Sounds far-fetched but that’s how I saw it!!!

So after several failed attempts at trying to remind myself that guests would not be expecting food, I came up with a solution that would give me the peace of mind I was searching for… A DIY HOT DRINKS BAR! – The perfect inexpensive self-serve and minimal effort answer to my prayers!

Here’s how I made it:

Prefer video? Be sure to watch my YouTube video (below) where you’ll see the drinks bar in action!

Serving Trolley – Amazon
Hot water dispenser (boils faster than a kettle!) – Amazon
1 0.5l Jar (holding milk pods) – Ikea
Milk Pods – Amazon
1 Glass Tumbler (holding hot chocolate & latte satchets) – Ikea
2 Spice jars (holding sprinkles & marshmallows) – Ikea
4 Spice jars (holding tea, coffee, sugar and teaspoons) – Ikea
Milk Heater/Frother – Amazon
Tea Cups – John Lewis
Saucers – John Lewis
Biscuit Jar – Amazon

My Positive Birth Story – Hypnobirth Experience!

My Positive Birth Story – Hypnobirth Experience!

9 weeks and 5 days postpartum, and I’m finally ready to share the details of one of the hardest but best days of my life. Without further a do, here goes my birth story!

Prefer video? Be sure to watch my YouTube video (below), where you’ll also catch a clip or two of me in labour!


At Home

On January 22nd (3 days before my due date) at 5:31 am, I woke up to a very uncomfortable cramping sensation in my stomach. I had watched enough labour and delivery videos, to know that period-like cramps are an indication of the onset of labour for many women, but I dismissed the cramp, went for the usual trip to the toilet, (gosh I don’t miss those!), and then tried to force myself back to sleep.

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Our Exciting News – I’m Pregnant!

Our Exciting News – I’m Pregnant!
Hey Family!

I can’t believe I’m finally sitting in front of my laptop and saying this but, I’m back!

It blows my mind to think that it’s been 9 months since I last updated the blog! I guess if you’re an avid social media user like myself, and have been following me there, it probably hasn’t felt like that long, but for my die-hard blog readers I definitely deserve to cover my face in shame.

Hopefully however, whilst you may agree that I’ve been naughty and MIA, you’ll also have caught on to the title of this post and our exciting news…

I’m Pregnant!!!

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Weekly Catch-Up: The storm before the calm

Weekly Catch-Up: The storm before the calm
Weekly Catch-Up

Another week another catch-up! And before you laugh at me, don’t worry, the title [though idiomatically incorrect], was written that way on purpose! *wink*

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