hi-welcome-to-finally-fionaAre you an ambitious woman who loves personal development and wants to see big things happen in her life? Are you on a constant mission to improve yourself and finally be able to walk in your God given purpose?

Sweet! Well me too! You’re going to feel right at home here!

Launched in October 2016, Finally Fiona is a blog and brand dedicated to empowering women from all walks of life, to be the very best that they can be. Its mission is inspire women to be fearless, and do what it takes to live, breathe, and taste the life that they have always dreamed of living (despite their past setbacks or what they've been through).

Loaded with tips, tricks, resources and most important of all 'real talk', Finally Fiona shares on topics dear to almost every woman's heart, be it smashing your goals, getting your finances in check, always feeling and looking 100, family life, love, your career/business, the list goes on! 

Now that you have the scoop on all things Finally Fiona...



I'm so glad you asked! I'm Fiona, a 27 year old wife and business development professional, based in the beautiful city of London.

My journey and reason for starting Finally Fiona began seven years ago, when I decided to start a blog (loveyourtresses.com) dedicated to healthy hair care, which tracked my hair growth as well as my transition from chemically treated hair to natural hair.

When I first started my blog, I had no expectations of it becoming anything more than... a blog! But seven years down the line it evolved greatly, and grew from eighty 'ish' followers, to a platform of more than fifty five thousand!

Great achievement right? Well...

As the years passed the blog was not the only thing that grew. I did too! And whilst Haircare would always be my first love, I decided it was time to pursue a bigger calling in my life, and finally quench the thirst I had to influence and encourage women beyond the boundaries of haircare.

So here I am, up and running, vulnerable, but bursting with excitement at the thought of finally being able to fearlessy pursue my purpose. I'll be taking you along with me on my journey through life, and hope that you will be blessed by what I have to share!

Want to learn even more about me? Be sure to check out this post on 25 Random & Quirky Things You May Not Know About Me! Oh and of course be sure sign up below to get posts, resources, freebies and more sent straight to your inbox!

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