My Natural Hair straightening routine – Wash day start to finish!

Before I jump into today’s post, let me start off by doing things properly, and wishing you all a very Happy New Year! I know that we are well into the month of January, but I’m a huge believer in ‘better late than never’, so I hope you have a wonderful and joy filled year ahead, and I look forward to sharing all of the things I have in store for 2018!

If you aren’t subscribed to my YouTube channel, you may not have caught my first video of the year, where I share my first ever Natural Hair straightening routine. I aim to straighten my hair at the start of every New Year, so that I can do two things:

1) Give myself a fresh trim
2) Do a length check

I’ve got to say, following the hair issues I experienced last year [update coming very soon!], I was surprised to see how much progress my hair has made in terms of length. I was so focused on the health of my hair, length was the last thing on my mind. I guess it goes to show your hair will grow if you take proper care of it.

So without further ado, here goes my Natural Hair straightening routine [+ products used listed below]:

Products Mentioned


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